PodcastAlley.com voting

Don’t forget to cast your vote on Podcastalley if you like the C64 Take-away. No registration needed (although you can register to avoid having future voting verified via e-mail) – just click the “vote now!” button, key in a valid address, and click the confirmation link they e-mail you.

The way their system works is that the number of montly votes are used to determine show popularity both overall and in terms of the category it’s listed under (in this case music/radio). The higher the show ranks, the easier it is for people to find it. And the more people that tune in, the more people might be hooked. Which in turn could lead to new blood for the community. Who knows – we might even get more people to produce kick-ass remixes?

So you see – you’re not doing this for me – you’re doing it for yourself. 🙂