Episode 004: The Whittaker Special

MP3 (30 minutes, 28 Mb)

All tunes on todays show composed by David Whittaker. As usually crafted, produced, presented, and recorded in one take by Remix.Kwed.Org head honcho and all-around nice guy Jan “Kwed” Lund Thomsen.

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On todays show:

  • Q – Street Surfer
  • 2Klang – Slaine (Industriemadchen Mix)
  • Makke – Glider Rider
  • /Whittaker_David/Max_Headroom.sid
  • Wobbler – Max Headroom (research programme 9512)
  • Glyn R Brown – Storm
  • Visa Röster – Armageddon Man

All remixes available from Remix.Kwed.Org, except for Makkes “Glider Rider”, Glyn Browns “Storm” and Visa Rösters “Armageddon Man”

Storm is from “Remix 64 – 80s remixes for the 8-bit generation”. You can get it from C64Audio.com.

Armageddon Man can be found on Visa Rösters‘s album “C64 Vocally”. It’s available directly from their website for a measly 14 Euros including shipping and handling.

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