Episode 004: The Whittaker Special

All tunes on todays show composed by David Whittaker. As usually crafted, produced, presented, and recorded in one take by Remix.Kwed.Org head honcho and all-around nice guy Jan “Kwed” Lund Thomsen.

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On todays show:

  • Q – Street Surfer
  • 2Klang – Slaine (Industriemadchen Mix)
  • Makke – Glider Rider
  • /Whittaker_David/Max_Headroom.sid
  • Wobbler – Max Headroom (research programme 9512)
  • Glyn R Brown – Storm
  • Visa Röster – Armageddon Man

All remixes available from Remix.Kwed.Org, except for Makkes “Glider Rider”, Glyn Browns “Storm” and Visa Rösters “Armageddon Man”

Storm is from “Remix 64 – 80s remixes for the 8-bit generation”. You can get it from C64Audio.com.

Armageddon Man can be found on Visa Rösters‘s album “C64 Vocally”. It’s available directly from their website for a measly 14 Euros including shipping and handling.

Commments either by e-mail at C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com or on the Messageboard.