Episode 005

MP3 (28:17 minutes, 26.5Mb)

Jumbled up no-themed show consisting of a quickly thrown together playlist which kinda-sorta wound up having a “Breebaart/Dead Guys/Hazel” theme without us noticing. This time Remix.Kwed.Org head honcho and all-around nice guy Jan “Kwed” Lund Thomsen is joined by renowned remixer Makke.

On todays show:

  • Jeroen Breebaart – Kinetix (tune 2)
  • The Dead Guys – Zak McKracken (tDG RMx)
  • Jeroen Breebaart – Special Agent 2001
  • The Dead Guys – Crazy Comets (Mongo Meteor)
  • Hazel – Contest Demo (The 2nd Choice)
  • Hazel – Comic Bakery (Retro Magic)
  • The Dead Guys – Paperboy (Peaperboayh)

All remixes available from Remix.Kwed.Org

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