Episode 014: The “Heja Sverige!” special

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Download this episode: MP3 (35:15 minutes – 32.3 Mb)

Music played:

  • Mitch & Dane – Street Wise
  • Sonic Wanderer – Crazy Comets (BITLite Invintro)
  • Wobbler – Aural Manouvers II (onefourty vs. seventy remix)
  • Makke vs Timbuktu – Alla Vill Till High Scoren
  • Linus Walleij – Warez the Phuture (Flying Shark)
  • X-formZ – Final synth sample 1 (Hula Remix)

Street Wize is available in the High Voltage SID Collection. Alla vil til High Scoren from the above link. Everything else can be downloaded from Remix.Kwed.Org.

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