Episode 016

Sure, it’s 3 weeks later than planned, but you wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve had to endure since last time the Take-away was open for business. Oh well, such is karma. Or summat.

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Stuff mentioned on todays show:

Music played:

  • Rob Hubbard – The Last V8
  • Chronblom – Block’n Bubble (Carbonated version)
  • Axes Denied – Bubble Bobble
  • PRESS PLAY ON TAPE – Defender of the Crown
  • Visa Röster – Thrust
  • Subversive Elements – Rambo Loader (Rambo’s Blue Monday Mix)

The Last V8 is available in the High Voltage SID Collection, Defender of the Crown is from the RUN-STOP/RESTORE album, and Trust is from Visa Rösters upcoming album “READY. Vocally Too“- on sale from november 5th at the Copenhagen Retro Concert and on the web from the band website later on. Everything else can be downloaded from Remix.Kwed.Org.

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