Episode 021: The Metal Special, Part II

While everyone else in this country was watching the royal babtism on telly I put on my best growling voice (which is not very good, since I still have a cold) and produced an all-out metal edition of the C64 Take-away. If you prefer your remixes without screaming guitars, don’t worry – things will be back to normal on the next show. 🙂

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Download this episode: MP3 (43:53 minutes – 40.2 Mb)

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Music played:

  • Sid Peasley – Enigma Force
  • Sid Peasley – Flimbos Quest
  • X-formZ – Druid II (Epic Darkness)
  • Bitcrusher – Maniac Mansion (Meteor Edit)
  • X-formZ – Blood Valley (It’s the Journey)
  • Romeo Knight – Speedball (feat. Patman)
  • machinae supremacy – Sidology 2 Trinity

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