Episode 028

Managed to record this one late Tuesday, headed off to bed, and woke up with a bad case of the flu. So I never got around to push the “publish” button until now. Hope you still manage to enjoy my half-ill ramblings.

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Music played:

  • Moog – Reyn TV Station
  • 2Klang – R1D1 (Rheingold Mix)
  • Dafunk – Flat Rate
  • Octave Sounds – Comic Bakery
  • Romeo Knight – Bionic Commando (Tune 5)
  • Jeffrey ‘Sonic’ Seelt – Coming to the Netherlands

Tunes played on todays show are available for download from Remix.Kwed.Org, and from the HVSC.

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One thought on “Episode 028”

  1. Hi Jan!

    Nice music this time again!
    Especially the first track, he could really make a cd if he has more remixes like these laying around somewhere.

    Good luck,
    – Merijn

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