Episode 033: Live from Malmö, with co-host Makke

This time I hopped a train Sweden to bring you a co-hosted edition of the podcast. Enjoy!

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Download this episode: MP3 (47:58 minutes – 44 Mb)

Stuff mentioned on todays show:

Music played:

  • J Krafft – Exploding Fist Bad September RMX
  • Visa Röster – Sweet (from the C64 Vocally album)
  • Tomas Danko – Mein Apparat (download for free from www.danko.se)
  • Makke – Ode to my C64 [hammerfist]
  • Tomsk – Geordie Sweet (Easter egg on Tomsk’s website. Scroll down to the bottom of the picture page and look for the blue full stop. Then right-click and choose “save as”..)
  • Jeroen Breebaart – Kinetix (tune 2)

Unless otherwise noted tunes played on todays show are available for free download from Remix.Kwed.Org. Commments either right here at the site, by e-mail to C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com, or via the Remix64 Messageboard.

13 thoughts on “Episode 033: Live from Malmö, with co-host Makke”

  1. Could you e-mail me the mp3 of the Geordie Sweet – I am currently living up in newcastle and would like to use the song in an upcoming podcast of my own.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me in the show! You did pronounce part of my name wrong, camen is said ‘kaymen’, and not ‘carman’, but it’s traditional to ‘butcher’ your reader’s names and we love it 🙂

  3. Great to hear two people on the show, and remember, it is podcasting which is a exceptionally suited for freeformat recordings and where beer is a good source of inspiration.

    The songs were exceptionally good, VIsa Roster is really great in my humble opinion. To hear the other version of the same tune was brilliant, who was first, and who immitated who?

    great show for sure, take care an I’ll certainly listen to you next time.

  4. Thanks for your kind words, everyone. I quite enjoyed putting this edition of the podcast together, so it’s very comforting to know that people liked it as well.

    Shaded Spirter: I got hold of Tomsk and he refreshed my memory as to where I grabbed the tune a few years back. I have added a link to the shownotes.

    Merijin: Visa Röster’s two CDs comes highly recommended. And if that tune didn’t convince you they’ve also uploaded a fair share of their tracks onto Remix.Kwed.Org for free consumption. Visa Röster did their rendition of Sweet back in 2004 – Tomsks version followed soon after.

  5. I love your Site and your Podcasts. Just getting a new “nano” to have just more fun with it. Go on Pal. SID rules forever.

  6. Hey Jan,

    Are they keeping you busy with the webapps at work eh?

    Me too…

    I was listening to one of your podcasts today, there was something about a guy asking about the history of C64 Remixing….and you mentioned something about makke having a 300 megabyte torrient of the Saturday Night….ah…Pissup. So ah that being said, I went to look for the Torrient and it has all but dried up. Is there anychance anybody out there could re-water that torrent? I’m trying to download it.

    Keep the Podcasts coming!

    – leeand00

  7. You the man! Jan!


    Ever think about doing a show that’s all about mellow remixes?
    Just a thought…I’ve never seen anyone focus on that in a podcast. Might be something new…


  8. Some C64 Related news:

    The StepMania (Open Source DDR Client) has two, count them, two C64 Remix related songs, in it batch of remixes for dancing on a dance mat to:
    A long time ago Makke created one for his DublinDelight song, and SidStyler from MachinaeSupremacy, both are available on the StepMania homepage as they were/have been entered into the StepMix contest there.

    StepMania Homepage – http://www.stepmania.com/

    MachinaeSupremacy SidStyler – http://www.stepmania.com/download.php?file=downloads/Songs_StepMix2_xjen0vax_Sidstyler.smzip

    Makke DublinDelight – http://www.stepmania.com/download.php?file=downloads/Songs_StepMix1_Cloud_DublinDelight.smzip

  9. Sweman, look out for the next edition of the Take-away, then. It was produced earlier this week from deep within the woods in Småland. =)

    Just need to make sure that everything went according to plan before publishing it. Rejoice people, there’s more C64 goodness coming your way soon. =)

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