Episode 036

This time I’m joined by Makke for another co-hosted show. Listen in as we bring you a blend of classic SIDs and remixes, catch up on some listener feedback, and talk about some sad news.

Stream this episode:

Download this episode: MP3 (39:28 minutes – 36.2 Mb)

Music played:

  • JCH – Maniac Mansion
  • PowerTrace – Blackmail tune1(HardCopy)
  • Richard Joseph – Cauldron II
  • Instant Remedy – Instant Remedy BIT Live Mix
  • TmX Last Ninja 1 Wilderness – Remasterd Take 2
  • Dafunk – Funkus
  • Jeroen Breebaart – Sonic Soul

Stuff mentioned:

Tunes played on todays show are available for download from Remix.Kwed.Org , and from the HVSC . Leave feedback either by using the comment section, or by e-mail to C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

2 thoughts on “Episode 036”

  1. Thanks for these podcasts. I was a huge fan of the C64 & got loads of the remixed cd’s available & it’s great to see your site & to listen to you lot.

    The C64 music means a lot to me because the C64 was a special gift from my parents & we were short of money at the time what with the miners strike in Wales.
    When i listen now i can easilly shed a tear as it reminds me of my dad but thats a good thing & thanks.
    Some songs make the hair stand up on my back & it’s like travelling through time.

  2. It never stops to amaze me how those SID tunes have left such a positive impact on so many peoples lives – for one reason of the other. Thanks for sharing your story, Michael.

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