Episode 055

Being a man of my word, here’s the second of the two episodes that I promised to release before the end of 2019, should the “8-Bit Symphony Pro” kickstarter fund. Enjoy!

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Thank you for listening. May your love of C64 chip tunes and remixes be with you. Always.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 055”

  1. Great to hear you again Jan spreading the Commodore love. And two episodes in a year – it’s like 2013 all over again 🙂

    Should we push our luck and hope for a third episode of the year so you can play the Golden Axe – Christmas Edition? It’s tradition after all!

    Nice to hear Trap as a tribute to Ben Daglish. First time I’ve heard it and wonder how many little easter eggs are in there. A few bars of War of the Worlds jumped out straightaway.

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