Episode 008

First show recorded using my new Shure PG58 microphone. Apologies in advance if I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the levels on it yet. 🙂

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Download this episode: MP3 (39 minutes – 37 Mb)

On todays show:

  • Reyn Ouwehand – Flimbo’s Quest
  • Jan Morgenstern – Rubicon Main Titles
  • Nada – BMX Kidz (Sono Perplesso)
  • PRESS PLAY ON TAPE – Tiger Mission (Live @ The Gathering 2003)
  • Vincent “Vip” Merken – IntergaViptiC (Photo: Vip holding his copy of the Beastie Boys AV Logo Contest Remixes EP with his SID remix on it.)
  • The C64Mafia – Forbidden Forest (Dont Go Walking Slow)
  • Majkol – Samurai Warrior (Usagi Y Mix)

All remixes played on todays sho are freely available from Remix.Kwed.Org and all SIDs available from the High Voltage SID Collection.

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