Episode 009

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On todays show:

  • Westerling – Game Over
  • Juha Kaunisto – Calm
  • Aki Kivela – Commando (Run Gun Shoot Remix)
  • Rob Hubbard – Sanxion (Live @ BITLive Brighton 2003)
  • Wobbler – Foreign Girl (Kim Nichols mix)
  • Sapa – Spy vs. Spy2 (WahWah mix)
  • LMan & Wobbler – Nemesis the Warlock

All tunes played on todays show are freely available from Remix.Kwed.Org, with the exception of Sanxion (available on the Retro Revival Issue 4 CD and on the upcoming Back In Time Live DVD) and Nemesis the Warlock (available on the Remix64 album).

More information on the Classic Gaming Expo UK at http://www.cgeuk.com/

Check out the Back in Time Live DVD disc artwork by Mark Hennessy-Barrett.

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