Comments disabled on older posts

Even though has a pretty nifty anti-spam plugin installed, roughly 150 unwanted messages managed to sneak into the moderation queue over the past 30 days, and even more before that. So in order to save time on maintaining this site, comments on all past announcements have been disabled, and new posts (like this one) will now have comments disabled automatically after six months.

While it initially annoyed me no end that I have to limit your option to leave feedback via the site, I have also realised that the change will have little impact on real-life usage, since the vast majority of comments on older posts are from people asking when a new episode will be out. 😀 – Very rarely (if at all) has anyone left comments on an older post after stumbling upon this place via a search-engine or referral link somewhere.

On the plus side, this change leaves more time and mental energy to spend on something I’m trying to resurrect this winter. If all goes well it should pop up on your radar sometime before the holidays.

Bad News, Everyone!

As some of you might have seen on our twitter feed, Operation Fatherhood has forced Makke to shelve his co-hosting of the #C64 Take-away. I only learned this a week ago myself (not the fatherhood bit – that’s been out in the open for a while) – and the news was a bit of a shock, truth be told. Rest assured that there aren’t any complications or anything of the sort – it’s just eating up his spare time, which babies have a tendency to do. 😀

While I have managed to create the bulk of the show on my own in the past, I believe that Makke’s contribution has become an integral part of the podcast format since he joined up back in early 2009. Which makes it harder to go back to the old single-host formula. Sure, I might be able to get another co-host (although right now I have no idea who that would be) and set up a double ended recording to compensate for us being in different locations. But there’s something about being in the same room as your co-host that comes across in the final product.

Long story short, this leaves the podcast in the state that the old K Foundation poster referred to as a “major rethink in progress“.

In the meantime, please let me know what you think – either in the comments, via twitter, or by e-mail to C64Takeaway ->at<- gmail ->dot<- com. Thank you.