Bad News, Everyone!

As some of you might have seen on our twitter feed, Operation Fatherhood has forced Makke to shelve his co-hosting of the #C64 Take-away. I only learned this a week ago myself (not the fatherhood bit – that’s been out in the open for a while) – and the news was a bit of a shock, truth be told. Rest assured that there aren’t any complications or anything of the sort – it’s just eating up his spare time, which babies have a tendency to do. πŸ˜€

While I have managed to create the bulk of the show on my own in the past, I believe that Makke’s contribution has become an integral part of the podcast format since he joined up back in early 2009. Which makes it harder to go back to the old single-host formula. Sure, I might be able to get another co-host (although right now I have no idea who that would be) and set up a double ended recording to compensate for us being in different locations. But there’s something about being in the same room as your co-host that comes across in the final product.

Long story short, this leaves the podcast in the state that the old KΒ Foundation poster referred to as a “major rethink in progress“.

In the meantime, please let me know what you think – either in the comments, via twitter, or by e-mail to C64Takeaway ->at<- gmail ->dot<- com. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Bad News, Everyone!”

  1. Hey Jan!

    Yes its bad news about Makke, but dont let this hold you back. As I tweeted, I bet loads of people would happily co host with you, even I would after a little more experience on my own!

    Somebody new would take a little getting used to, build up a rapport with each other etc. you could even have a rotation of co hosts!

    Either way you are great solo or with someone else πŸ™‚



  2. Me, I think we should get Makke to let the kid do it. Good introduction to c64 tunes in general, you know (:

    Nonetheless, Makke has always balanced his activities among his various activites, and may, indeed, do a show in future. Just not regularly. You never know with Makke (:

    And whatever happens, I will continue to listen to the podcast and enjoy it. No matter what frequency the episodes come out. Providing, of course, they remain on the twice per hour schedule agreed to prior.


  3. Hi Jan,

    the episodes with Makke were fun, but the singe-host format was very good too – heck, it must have been good, otherwise you wouldn’t have managed to gather so many listeners even before Makke joined, right? πŸ™‚

    I can imagine that it’s harder to motivate yourself to produce shows on your own again, especially as you seem to have a lot of things to do yourself. So it would be very sad but also understandable if the podcast died. I really hope it won’t though, even if it’s only one or two shows per year!

    Regardless how this will turn out, thanks a lot for your great work, both for the podcast and the site, which provided me with endless hours of joy. πŸ™‚

  4. We’ve gotten pretty good at waiting for new shows, so that shouldn’t be a problem. They’re just so good when they show up that it’s hard to imagine my iTunes without my irregularly scheduled friend.

    Solo is fine by me. Maybe you can get him to record some stuff for you or you could record a Skype call. But you can’t stop. You’ve unleashed the beast and it can’t be contained!

  5. Jan. We want you and C64 Takeaway back.. You cant do it.. It was great show before Makke too.. Anyway its SID that talks.. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence, everyone.

    And for the reminder that I (apparently) managed to do quite well on my own before bringing in a wingman. Very encouraging in respect to flying solo once again.

    Keep watching the skies!

  7. Too bad about Makke bailing out, though I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job (as always) with the podcast anyway. Really enjoy it! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  8. The takeaway has been great these past several years. Before finding this on a day of random podcast listing perusal, I hadn’t really been aware of the vast world of C64 remixing – I’d only been playing with emulators, trying to get the old games I used to have to work on XP, and listening to the occasional platform-based remix. Now, C64 remixes are a very large part of what I listen to on a regular basis. The shows are great, whether in the old solo format or the recent co-hosted format, and I certainly hope to see (or rather hear) more in the future. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the old format again, or something like it.

  9. Congratulations to Makke! Jan dont give up the Podcast the show was great before Makke joined, he simple just added another dimension to what was already an excellent podcast.

    Hope you find the energy to continue or another willing co host I miss the podcasts.

  10. Just became the proud owner of a c128 machine that a mate and I had to resurrect from the dead due to (of all things) a 6116 RAM chip being desoldered and the SID chip being plugged in backward, hahaha. Got me in the mood… the mood for SID tunes!

    Soooooooo missing the C64 Takeaway!

  11. hi jan, we all need you to start the podcast again…really miss it man! you are just as entertaining on your own. i need i know if you have seen the c64takeaway tribute on youtube? all the best….craig

  12. Hi Jan, just dropping in to say I really love your show, with or without company… ;). Please, do come back when you feel ready…

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