Episode 003: The Metal Special

Loud vocals featuring the F-word, and lots of electrified guitarwork as the C64 Take-away adds a Metal Special to the menu. As usually crafted, produced, presented, and recorded in one take by Remix.Kwed.Org head honcho and all-around nice guy Jan “Kwed” Lund Thomsen.

One minor disclaimer: It seems that without me noticing it I managed to speak in my “announcer / home shopping network presenter” voice all through the show. Must be the excitement of knowing you people dig the podcast. I’ll try to sound normal next time. 🙂

Stream this episode:

Download this episode: MP3 (20 minutes – 19 Mb)

On todays show:

  • Juha Kaunisto – 720 degress (Still loading…)
  • Rob Hubbard – Arcade Classics
  • Romeo Knight – Human Race (tune 5)
  • KryogeniK – Deflektor (in your face mix)
  • Machinae Supremacy – Sidology Episode 3 – Apex Ultima

Plus the usual yakking – I get plugged on VGDJ episode #5, listener stats update, and a call for feedback: Please let me know how you found the podcast and how/where you listen to it.

All remixes available from Remix.Kwed.Org. Thanks to Kenz from Binary Zone Interactive for recording the Arcade Classics tune off a genuine C64 for use in todays show. Grab the SID file from HVSC.

Machinae Supremacy‘s album “Deus ex Machinae” can be bought from MBD Records (edit: since MBD Records closed up shop in early July you can’t get the album anywhere right now.)

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Episode 002

Thanks for the feedback on the opening episode everyone. Upbeat show today, to get you all psyched up for the weekend. As usual everything recorded in one go, but methinks I fared infinitely better than on the previous one. Butterflies must have settled or something. 🙂

Stream this episode:

Download this episode: MP3 (22 minutes – 21 Mb)

On todays show:

  • Lagerfeldt – R-Type (Doppelganger Summer Remix)
  • Project Galway – Comic Bakery
  • PRESS PLAY ON TAPE – Comic Bakery (Larger than Pop Boyband mix)
  • Sonic Wanderer – Noisy Pillars (Euro-4-Sure Mix)
  • Max Hall – Future Shock 2001

All remixes available from Remix.Kwed.Org

Project Galway album from Binary Zone Interactive or C64audio.com

Comic Bakery Boyband video available from PRESS PLAY ON TAPE

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Episode 001

Time for the C64 to hit the pod-o-sphere. Kicking it off with 23 minutes of talking about and playing C64 tunes, both in original and remix form. Perfect for your morning commute. Created, produced and presented by Jan Lund Thomsen from Remix.Kwed.Org.

I just want to apologize in advance for all the “ahm” and “umn”‘s in this show. Taking into account that I was a tad nerveous when recording this (in one take) and that English isn’t my native language I think I did pretty okay. =)

Stream this episode:

Download this episode: MP3 (23 minutes – 22 Mb)

On todays show:

  • DJ Pretzel – Bubble Bobble (Hillbilly Rodeo OC ReMix)
  • Johannes Bjerregaard – Pimplesqueezer 6, pt. 3
  • Reyn Ouwehand – Pimplesqueezer (from the Nexus 6581-II EP
  • David Whittaker – Max Headroom
  • Das Karl Werk Projekt – Elektro Lok (Allgemeine Frequenz)
  • Rayza – Oldschool (Wax To Binary Mix)

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