Episode 046

Just when you thought the C64 Take-away was back on a regular schedule, Makke and Jan go and mess it up again – this time blaming it on being extremely busy at work. To make things better, the lads provide you with the longest show so far, clocking in at just over an hours worth of C64 SIDs, remixes, and a couple of off-topic memories – including one about juggling floppies on the Amiga. Also, the “Classic Remix” is back by popular demand.

Stream this episode:

Download this episode: MP3 (62 minutes – 57 Mb)

Music played:

  • Sรธren “Jeff” Lund – Crossbow
  • LMan & Sunflower – Enigma Force
  • Reyn Ouwehand – Flimbo’s Quest (Live at the Church)
  • Hank – Yet Another Giana Sisters
  • Rune-Bertil’s – Pandora’s Ficka (Ark Pandora)
  • Wobbler – Max Headroom (research programme 9512 remix)
  • Slaygon and Reyn – Troll (Felix Culpa)
  • Monotron – Only You feat. Eliza Zoot (Downstairs @ Monty’s Mix) (From the Remix64 V3: Syntax Era album)

Stuff mentioned:

Unless otherwise stated tunes played on todays show are available for download from Remix.Kwed.Org , or from the HVSC recordings availble on the SOASC site. Leave feedback either by using the comment section at https://c64takeaway.com , by e-mail to C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com, or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/C64Takeaway.

19 thoughts on “Episode 046”

  1. OMG! A new release!! *Downloads*

    Thank you guys! Just made my Thursday at work soooo much better!

  2. The ending of this episode made me very sad.

    You want to know why?

    I want more!

    Awesome show guys! Always a pleasure to hear c64 remixes, c64 news and you two to glue the pieces together!

  3. When I saw the show notes (before listening to the show) I was hoping that you would end the show with the announcement of the upcoming Monotron CD, but sadly you was just waiting and hoping like me.

    By the way the Golden axe mix is tradition you have done it twice in four years that is way more often then we have a white christmas (Denmark). If you do the christmas show you also have a good excuse for meeting over a couple of “Blรฅlys” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hi there
    thanks again for a great podcast. but i have an request: would it be possible for you, to every now and then bring a pure music-podcast? i like to listen to your podcasts at work, but sometimes it’s hard to focus and listen to you guys :p. i mean something like bitjam for example. this would be rly nice.

    thx in anticipation.
    a fan

  5. Jan, I loved my cupful of banter, thank you very much!

    @fan – I usually do mostly talkie episodes as my site is focused on enjoying old C64 games via emulation, but I’d like to do a hard core SID/Remix episode at least once – and I will try it with minimal talking. I think that will be my next podcast at the C64 Walkabout. (But it will still be game focused)

    Also there are old podcasts from SubZero and One Man and His Mic out there you can download that are heavily music focused, as well as full episodes of DJ hosted music on Slay Radio (look at “past episodes” or similar).

    I like Jan’s podcast because it’s a blend of what I like to hear about (C64 related news and discussion) and music.

  6. @Fan: Sorry, but there’s no plans for music-only episodes of the C64 Take-away.

    I can’t focus on non-music podcasts (or radio) at work either. So I save those for my daily commute, and listen to music during working hours. Actually, the vast choice of different content is what got me hooked on podcasts in the first place, so if you like to rock out to BitJam while working – by all means listen to that. Also, be sure to check out Blibb Blobb and 8 Bit Mayhem for more chiptune goodies.

    And if you’re near a computer (and your corporate firewall allows it) you can tune into the SLAY Radio or SceneSat streams. Of course you could also just load the RKO collection on to your MP3 player and hit the shuffle button.

    if you prefer the C64 Take-away over all these alternatives, we love you for it. But I’m afraid it’s not going to change anything, format-wise. =)


  7. Robinson,

    While the C64 Take-away is primarily about our passion for the music, I’ve always felt that it’s equally important to spread the good word about the music and the people behind it. Now that the podcast has switched to a two host format, there’s obviously more talking going on. But hopefully it’ll make our passion shine through even more, while adding value for most listeners. Not just the ones who like their C64 tunes with a cupful of banter. ๐Ÿ™‚


    P.S.: Can’t wait for the Walkabout to get back into proper action – hardcore music episode or not. If you need ideas for an episode focusing on a single game, I’d *love* to hear one on Laser Squad. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

  8. thx for your responses.

    sadly (or luckily ^^) i already listened all episodes of bitjam, blibb blob, 8bit mayhem, hardread, subzero, one man and his mic, scenemusic podcast and 100% amiga and slay radio isn’t reachable at my workplace.
    but i’ll try the rko collection :p. is there a podcast left i missed until now?

    your podcast is really interesting, but i’m not the same generation as you are. i like the music, but i never possessed an c64 or any other computer from before 1995. but i’ll continue to listen to your podcast, sometimes skipping the talking parts ^^. you guys do a great job, just wanted to ask :p. thx a lot.

    have fun
    a fan

  9. Hi again anonymous fan,

    Interesting that you’re into C64 music despite being too young to have owned one. How did you get into it in the first place – branching out from the Amiga/PC module scene or something entirely different?


  10. Hi, can I ask for a version of the podcast without the talking as well as the version with it?

    Because I usually like to keep hearing the songs after I listen to the podcast, but I don’t wanna cut the mp3 just to do so, maybe a link to get the songs somewhere else too?

    I dunno, love the show, keep it up

  11. hi jan

    how i get into this? i don’t know… just happened ^^. i think i discovered some intros somewhere in the internet, i was rly fascinated by the graphics and music, put together in so little space (sometimes 64kb), 1 name i remembered is farbrausch (listening right now to the current bitjam podcast :P). and i also listened to a few mario and zelda remixes (i started gaming with the nes, but that was at the time, when the n64 was already released, i think 1996, i was 5 years old then). then i searched for more of this stuff, and somehow heard the first sid. yeah, and since then (i think about 2 years ago) i’m really into this and i listen to every bit i get :p!

    is there a way to get a lot of remixes in 1 download? compilations or something like this? because it’s a bit annoying to download every remix for itself. the same for original sids as mp3, are there compilations out there? thx a lot.

    the fan

  12. Hi again,

    Thanks for sharing your story. It warms this 39-year olds heart that people who weren’t around back in the day are getting into the music – it gives us all hope for the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for 1-click downloads, there’s the top-10 tunes torrent that Makke and I talked about in this episode (link in the shownotes), but there’s also an unofficial bittorrent mirror over at


  13. Jan,

    Laser Squad it is, then! ๐Ÿ™‚ That was always my intent (to do proper episodes focused on single games) but I ended up doing them in blog format instead and rambling / wandering in my podcasting format since Ultimate Wizard.

    Need to get back to the simple single game format…


  14. Hi Jan

    This link doesnt work:

    ยป The top 10 tunes for each of the past 9 years of C64 remixing, packed into a handy torrent.

    I was just going to check those out ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. @Mika: Looks like Mininova removed everything that wasn’t part of their “Content Distribution” program back in November. Including this one. ๐Ÿ™

    If you go to http://www.remix64.com/charts.html you can get a lists of the remixes that made the top 10 for each year. There’s links to download them from RKO as well.


  16. @Mika: Good news. I just heard from the chap that built the torrent that he might be able to fix it as early as this weekend, and even include the 2009 tracks.


  17. Ok, writing in: my Max Headroom remix was never published on the Triad website. It was actually something I made after you (Jan) chattered with me and mentioned that I should make a remix of.. well… Max Headroom. And Makke is very right โ€“ the name of the remix refers to the show itself. I don’t remember why and what it refers to, but it was something I found when googling for voice samples to use in the song.

    Markus / Wobbler

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