Episode 047: Just in time for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, Makke and Jan skip an obvious opportunity to pour themselves a generous helping of glΓΌhwein. Instead they get all serious (well, not really), and cook up a delicious Commodore 64 styled music burger for you: Two Christmas tunes make up the bun, a solitary SID chiptune provides the dressing, and between it a solid slab of meat mixed from shredded guitars, beatup drums, and pounded pianos. Also, to spice things up there’s C64-related “news”, feedback, and the usual banter on the side. And the “Classic Remix” segment takes us all the way back to 2001.

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19 thoughts on “Episode 047: Just in time for Christmas”

  1. Great to hear you guys again, loved the news section all these fun things and just in time for xmas πŸ™‚

    p.s. I’ve put my vote on European podcast of the year, good luck.

  2. As the golden axe mix slowly ends, the only thought that pops into my head is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may it consist of many C64 take-away podcasts πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah! I know πŸ˜€ But I still miss it anyway.

    You’ve got a loyal fan here Jan, if I do say so myself πŸ˜€

    I hope all is well.

  4. Hi, listen to your cool podcast just now… yeah, port 40000 for our SOASC= and SOAMC= project had to be done since our ISP don’t give me port 80 at home. We hope to change this in future, either when we get fiber by different ISP and allows us port 80 at home, or we shift the search engine over to another server.

  5. Thanks for the update, Stein.

    Luckily I’m able to access the SOASC= search engine via an SSH tunnel should the need arise while at work. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks, Andrew. That jingle cracked me up. We’ll *HAVE* to use it for the next episode. πŸ™‚

    I know it sounds like a lame excuse, but just the other day I found myself thinking that if I keep crossing things off my todo list at the current rate I should be able to focus on outlining the contents of episode 048 soon. Makke’s got a major milestone coming up, though – but hopefully we’ll manage to schedule around it.

    Here’s hoping.

  7. Congrats! Had the same on 25.03…… time flies when you have to feed a crying baobao.

  8. I’ve just discovered the takeaway (and c64 remixing in general) It’s truly fantatastic. Listening to them back to back makes work easier ! Keep up the good work and please keep producing the podcast!

  9. Welcome aboard, Rob. There’s always room for more people in the remixing community. πŸ™‚

    How did you discover C64 remixing – a Google search, or perhaps something else?

  10. First through 8 bit net labels such as 8 bit collective and then your own RKO and then just looking around for podcasts on i-tunes. Anyway great stuff! Hope you get the time to do more shows !

  11. Hey mate! Congrats to you and your partner! Hope everything is going well! πŸ™‚

  12. Jan.. Its summer already.. Christmas has been long time ago.. πŸ™‚

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